Tess Johnson

Hey, I’m Tess and I am a soon to be graduated senior with a Communication major and a minor in Human Development.  I am from the good ole New England state called Connecticut but have loved my four years at the University of Maryland.  I am excited to finally be done with following the sidewalks of society through the school system that has taken up three quarters of my life, although I will miss the lovely lessons that have actually impacted my view of the world.  College has filled my cup with unforgettable experiences, some very memorable and others not so much, yet experiences will morph and blossom as I venture to the mysterious land of southern California.  By southern California I could mean back to Connecticut (brr!) or down to Florida, but SoCal is the current location in my mindset.  Wherever I end up I plan to help with my family’s businesses, concentrating on our new clothing line called Lovevol that fell into our lap like a hopeful gift.  Toodles!


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